Matthew Losee

Hey I'm Matt! Welcome to my corner of the web. I am a husband, father, marketing analytics professional with a knack for connecting people with their data. <!--I enjoy spending time with my family, dark beer, whisky and lots of different kinds of music.-->

Currently I am a Marketing Business Intelligence Analyst who is passionate about telling stories through data visualization and utilizing my academia and statistics background bringing a scientific approach to Marketing through testing and segmentation. I am an advocate for open/liberated data as I believe the more accessible data is, the more knowledge and insight we can gain from it.


My Career

Northwestern University

Collected, organized, analyzed, published, and presented data from scientific research studies funded by national research institutes such as the National Space Biomedical Research Institute and DARPA to investigate sleep.  Presented results of my own research at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies Conference in June of 2004.


  • Developed algorithms to evaluate conversion performance and predict the most competitive price to offer perspective online sales leads. Worked with development team to implement these algorithms into proprietary software tools to automatically set online prices, which increased our advertising campaign profitability by 170%
  • Collaborated with our accounting department to determine real dollar ROI for each of our 200 online advertising channels in order to monitor profitability fluctuations in each channel and move our advertising dollars to the most profitable campaigns.
  • Tracked and reported SEO effectiveness and rankings of our company as well as our competitors with various search engine ranking tools such as Hitwise.  Evaluated search engine keyword performance and keyword adverting dollar allocation.



  • Analyzed, reported and consulted with direct mail partners on the effectiveness of direct-mail marketing campaigns through both online and offline marketing channels.  Employed marketing strategies, RFM segmentation, map overlays of customer demographics and customer profiling/modeling to improve response rates of direct-mail campaigns.
  • Cleaned, consolidate, format and built direct marketing data warehouses from both structured and unstructured data sources, some containing millions of records.
  • Leveraged customer modeling analyses to assist clients with lead prospecting using list acquisition sources such as InfoUSA, ADVO, and Accudata.


Kohl’s, Inc.

  • Conducted ad hoc reporting and statistical analyses of E-Commerce related data using web analytics software such as Omniture and Coremetrics.
  • Mined corporate data warehouses to build ad hoc reports for Senior and Executive level reporting using enterprise querying tools such as Business Objects as well as writing own custom SQL to query data mart.
  • Responsible for daily, monthly, and quarterly reporting of E-Commerce and digital metric summaries for senior management of the Marketing Intelligence team.
  • Responsible for managing the relationship with search engine marketing partner, during which, SEM program saw 40% YOY sales increase.  The program included over 30K keywords and a multi-million dollar annual spend. Also, responsible for managing the relationship with affiliate marketing partner, during which, the affiliate program saw 100% YOY sales increase.  Comprising of over 1,000 loyalty coupon and discount partners.
  • Supported E-Mail marketing program that saw 80% YOY sales growth and was responsible for 50% of site sales by leveraging email segmentation strategies to distribute dynamic content to email subscribers, as well as, growing the subscriber list 95% YOY.


ConnectWise, Inc.

  • Planned, developed and managed over 150 reports and dashboards vital to daily business operations for C-Level, Management and operations level end users.  Analyzed marketing ROI, sales funnel conversion, cash flow, departmental/operational KPIs, colleague performance metrics, partner lifetime value and partner churn rates.
  • Managed all digital analytics for four distinct brands across multiple domains. Provided marketing team leaders and executives for each brand with actionable intelligence into marketing campaigns and leveraged these findings to provide strategic insights into future campaigns.
  • Planned, conducted, analyzed and presented statistical data analyses such as A/B and multivariate tests to evaluate web page layout, content and design.  Developed linear regression models to segment and help predict potential winning prospects as well as predict partner retention.  Leveraged these analyses to shape marketing initiatives, sales procedures and business practices.
  • Developed and presented custom reporting solutions and methodologies at multiple partner conferences with one session attracting over 100 attendees, lead training sessions and hosted webinars to help partners develop their own custom reports utilizing ConnectWise software.
  • Provided worldwide consulting services to ConnectWise partners in the development and management of custom reports.



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June 18 2013

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